Clarke Reunions

Clarke Weekend 1986

Clarkes gathered in Kempsey from all over Australia, from the USA, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea on 25 and 26 January 1986 for the Clarke Weekend. Held at the Kempsey Showground, it was attended by over 1300 family members to celebrate 150 years of Clarkes in Australia.

It rained all day Friday, and Saturday dawned bright and clear. Dominic Clarke cut the anniversary cake. The morning, afternoon and evening were filled with laughter, fun and reminiscences.

Sunday began with prayer and remembrance, and ended with patriotism and laughter.

The 1986 gathering of the Clarkes is still talked about. We booked out Kempsey’s accommodation and almost drank them out of beer!

Clarke Weekend 1986

Clarke Reunion 2001

Where the 1986 Clarke Weekend was threatened by rain, the 2001 Clarke Reunion literally sizzled! Held on 26 and 27 January at the Kempsey Showground, 750 people withstood the 38 degree heat, seeking out every bit of shade.

On Saturday, Michael Clarke cut the anniversary cake and the dance on Saturday night was a great success.

Once again, Sunday began with prayer, with Mass led by our own Catholic Priest, Father Ian Esmond from Western Australia.

The next reunion

There was talk of The Clarke Weekend 2016 to be held in Kempsey on the long weekend in October 2016. Unfortunately, the response received for helpers and financial backing didn’t come. At this stage (December 2015), it looks like a 2016 reunion will not happen.