The families of Catherine and James Hayes

There were four children in the family of Catherine and James Hayes. At September 2011, their descendant count was 261+ and 106+ spouses.

Several of Catherine’s grandchildren or their spousesĀ are living and in those cases, their spouses are not included in this list.

1. Catherine Hayes

  • Ernest Hayes

—- Catherine Hayes m Anthony Joseph Egan

2. Francis Australia Hayes m Catherine Maude Daniher

  • Mary Hayes m Charles Brazel
  • James Hayes m Jessie Woolley
  • John Hayes
  • Joseph Hayes
  • Brian Hayes m Eleanor Joyce

3. Thomas James Hayes

4. Mary Ann Hayes m Daniel Joseph Shelley

  • Desmond Shelley m Olga Petty
  • Mary Shelley m Robert Nicholas
  • Reginald Shelley
  • Rosalie Shelley
  • Francis Shelley