The families of John and Margaret Clarke

There were eight children in the family of John and Margaret Clarke. At September 2011, their descendant count was 656+ and 269+ spouses.

Several of their grandchildren or their spouses are living and in those cases, the spouses are not included in this list.

1. Thomas Michael Clarke m Olive Josephine Edser

  • Joan Clarke m William Purcell
  • Marie Clarke ~ Entered Little Company of Mary in 1945
  • Therese Clarke
  • John Clarke

2. Helena Hanna Clarke m Henry Charles Baldwin

  • John Baldwin m Mary Crutcher
  • Harry Baldwin
  • Mary Baldwin m Patrick McCumstie

3. John James Clarke

4. Joseph Francis Clarke

5. William Matthew Clarke m Elizabeth Matilda McPhillips

  • Annie Clarke
  • Dorothy Clarke m Joseph Shaw
  • Mary Clarke m Cecil Milligan
  • Margaret Clarke m Vincent Ryan
  • Matthew Clarke
  • Agatha Clarke m Cecil Benson
  • Basil Clarke
  • Winifred Clarke

6. Mary Margaret Clarke m John Smyth

  • Rosalia Smyth m Joseph Ptolemy
  • Honora Smyth m John Lyons
  • Joseph Smyth
  • Helena Smyth
  • Syra Smyth m Leslie Jeffery
  • Theresa Smyth m Harold Mainey
  • Phillip Smyth
  • Patricia Smyth m Duncan Kelly

7. Honora Anastasia Clarke m Arthur Moore

  • John Moore
  • Mary Moore
  • Thomas Moore m Mary Hurst
  • Arthur Moore
  • Brian Moore
  • Maurice Moore
  • Terence Moore

8. Patrick John Clarke