The families of Joseph and Mary Ann Clarke

There were twelve children in the family of Joseph and Mary Ann Clarke. At September 2011, their descendant count was 465+ and 188+ spouses.

Joseph was the second-youngest of Thomas and Ellen’s children, and his youngest children married much later than their elder cousins in, say, Michael and Mary Ann Clarke’s family. Many of their grandchildren are living and therefore their spouses are not included in this list.

1. Anthony Clarke m Mary Josephine Haydon

  • Sheila Clarke me James Chapman
  • Mary Clarke m Llewellyn Brady
  • Eileen Clarke
  • Joseph Clarke

2. Ellen Theresa Clarke m Christopher Charles Herbert

  • Mary Herbert m Timothy Egan
  • Veronica Herbert m Edward Kuhlar
  • Christopher Herbert
  • Theresa Herbert
  • John Herbert
  • William Herbert
  • Harold Herbert
  • Kathleen Herbert
  • Francis Herbert
  • Robert Herbert
  • Paul Herbert

3. Thomas Michael Clarke m Matilda Ann Claven

  • Edwin Clarke m Myrtle Trees
  • Vincent Clarke m Phyllis Preston
  • Fidelis Clarke
  • Joyce Clarke
  • Delores Clarke
  • Bryan Clarke
  • Mary Clarke m Colin Strohfeldt
  • Kathleen Clarke m William Hubber, m. Angelo Tonitto

4. Johannah Clarke m Michael Patrick Morrissey

  • Mary Morrissey m Robert Quinton, m. Derek Glover
  • Alma Morrissey m Jack Hughes
  • Helena Morrissey m William Valentine
  • Patrick Morrissey m Evelyn Thewlis

5. Laurence John Clarke m Johanna Trotter

  • David Clarke

6. James Augustine Clarke m Sarah Lillian Rock

  • Kevin Clarke
  • Rose Clarke
  • John Clarke

7. Mary Josephine Clarke m Vincent Sullivan

  • Veronica Sullivan
  • Mary Sullivan
  • Theresa Sullivan

8. Raymond William Clarke

9. Eileen Agnes Clarke m Carl Livingstone Boyce

  • Michael Boyce
  • Peter Boyce

10. Kathleen Egan Clarke m Bernard Frederick Roberts

  • Leslie Roberts

11. Dominic Joseph Clarke m Kathleen Veronica Kirkwood

  • Patrick Clarke
  • Bernard Clarke
  • Eunice Clarke
  • Dominic Clarke
  • Peter Clarke
  • Elaine Clarke
  • Pauline Clarke
  • Noel Clarke
  • Maureen Clarke
  • Ian Clarke

12. Alma Anastasia Clarke m William James Hall

  • William Hall
  • Monica Hall
  • Alma Hall