The families of Mary Anne and John Barrie

Mary Anne Barrie gave birth to quadruplets in May 1877. One child died when nine months old, the other at eighteen months. James and Catherine grew to adulthood. Mary Anne had eight births and eleven children, and four children married. At September 2011, their descendant count was 230+ and 80+ spouses.

Several of Mary Anne’s grandchildren or their spouses are living and so their spouses are not included in this list.

1. Margaret Hilma Barrie

2. Mary A. Barrie

3. James Gabriel Barrie

4. Catherine Barrie

  • Entered Sisters of Mercy Grafton in 1905

5. Joseph Barrie

6. Francis Barrie m Emily Cook

  • Mary Barrie
  • Rita Barrie
  • Francis Barrie
  • Charles Barrie

7. John Barrie

8. Ethel Anastasia Barrie m. Matthew McMahon

  • John McMahon m Rina Harvey
  • Doreen McMahon m Henry Constable
  • Clement McMahon
  • Francis McMahon
  • Annie McMahon
  • Patrick McMahon
  • Bernice McMahon
  • Vincent McMahon
  • Mary McMahon m Noel Maher
  • Joan McMahon
  • Agnes McMahon
  • Ray McMahon

9. Mary Elizabeth Barrie

10. Thomas Issadore Barrie m Margaret Brock

  • Patricia Barrie – Entered Sisters of Mercy in 1946
  • Michael Barrie
  • John Barrie
  • Thomas Barrie

11. James Leo Alphonsis Barrie m Irene Simon

  • Joseph Barrie
  • Mary Barrie
  • Theresea Barrie m Australia John Morris
  • Agnes Barrie
  • Raymond Barrie