The families of Agnes and Patrick Smyth

There were seven children in the family of Agnes and Patrick Smyth. At September 2011, their descendant count was 559+ and 231+ spouses.

Several of their grandchildren or their spouses may be living and in those cases, the spouses are not included in this list.

1. Patrick Thomas Smyth m Mary McAuliffe

  • Bernard Smyth m Patricia Bell
  • Mary Smyth m Cyril Walsh

2. Mary Ellen Smyth

3. Joseph Gabriel Smyth

4. Phillip Francis Smyth m Emily Ethel Fisher

  • Joseph Smyth m Myrtle Clarke
  • Agnes Smyth m George White
  • Marion Smyth m George Walker
  • Theresa Smyth
  • Patrick Smyth
  • Mona Smyth m Leslie Dyson
  • Terrence Smyth
  • Ellen Smyth m Cecil Reilly
  • Antonius Smyth m Violet Booth
  • Francis Smyth m Doris Reilly
  • Thomas Smyth m Alma Osborne
  • Mary Smyth
  • Angela Smyth
  • Bernard Smyth

5. John Baptist Smyth m Margaret Mary O’Sullivan

  • Patrick Smyth
  • Eugene Smyth
  • Kathleen Smyth m David Mainey
  • Thomas Smyth m Zell Quinlan
  • Agnes Smyth m Herbert McMaugh
  • John Smyth

6. Margaret Smyth m Daniel Joseph Ryan

  • Reginald Ryan
  • Daniel Ryan
  • Agnes Ryan
  • John Ryan m Doreen Tarrant
  • Mary Ryan
  • Thomas Ryan
  • Margaret Ryan m Edward Moore
  • Francis Ryan
  • Edna Ryan m Thomas Cambourne
  • Magdalene Ryan

7. Roger Bede Smyth m Gertrude Veronica Mooney

  • Rose Smyth m John Masters
  • Alphonsus Smyth m Evelyn Harper
  • Raymond Smyth