The families of Francis and Mary Clarke

There were six children in the family of Francis and Mary Clarke. At September 2011, their descendant count was 94+ and 34+ spouses.

Francis was the youngest of Thomas and Ellen’s children, and his children married much later than their elder cousins in, say, Michael and Mary Ann Clarke’s family. Many of his grandchildren are living and therefore their spouses are not included in this list.

1. Francis Desmond Clarke m Helena Beatrice Campion

  • Patricia Clarke m Gordon Swaine
  • Peter Clarke m Phyllis Maguire
  • Francis Clarke

2. Mary Beatrix Clarke

3. Oliver Joseph Clarke m Anne Crommelin

  • Margaret Clarke
  • Michael Clarke

4. James Vincent Clarke m Nellie Maris O’Rourke

  • Judith Clarke
  • Anthony Clarke
  • Marcelle Clarke

5. Eileen Petronella Clarke

6. Pauline Rosalima Clarke m John Gerald Taylor

  • Mary Taylor
  • Pauline Taylor
  • John Taylor
  • James Taylor
  • Francis Taylor
  • Beatrice Taylor