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The Clarkes in Australia website is maintained by Eugenia Rauch as an avenue for the thousands of descendants of Thomas and Ellen Clarke to keep in touch. It complements Clarkes in Australia: The families of Thomas and Ellen Clarke written by Eugenia and published in 2011.

Throughout their lives, Ellen and Thomas Clarke faced uncertainty – their life in the British Army, the long voyage to New South Wales, the changing fortunes of farming and unforeseeable risks to their children. They overcame hardship to prosper in a country very different to their native Ireland. They passed on to their nine surviving children the qualitites of perseverance, a willingness to succeed, love of the land and their Catholic faith. Thomas and Ellen had seventy-eight grandchildren and now have over 6500 descendants.

We want to maintain contact with everyone in the family. If you think you’re one of their descendants, provide your full name and your¬†grandparents’ names using the contact us page. We¬†will match up the details and confirm you’re in the family. Remember, there are hundreds of surnames in the descendant list!