Clarke Weekend 2016

Sitting round the table at Allan and Joan Clarke’s home talking about the 1986 and 2001 reunions, we decided that we could organise another Clarke Weekend on the October 2016 long weekend. Now that Queensland is in line with the other States, everyone has a┬áPublic Holiday in October. Also, the weather is more stable than the scorching heat of January 2001.

And immediately after that visit, I started telling the family members at the Chart 10 mini reunion in Kempsey. So now the word is out.

Why 2016? It will be 180 years since Thomas and Ellen Clarke arrived in Sydney. It’s 30 years since the first Clarke Weekend and 15 years since the last great gathering.

We need your help in several ways. Firstly – start telling every family member you know that the Clarke Weekend will be on. Secondly – we need much more help than the previous two occasions because we’re expecting over 2000 people to attend. Seeing that we have about 4500 living descendants, I’m sure 2000 isn’t over-doing the expectation.

Next thing you can do is to tell us if you’re interested by using the Reunion Interest form, accessed from Clarke Reunions. A much longer story of the Reunions can be found in Clarkes in Australia: The families of Thomas and Ellen Clarke.